'The Voice of the Moon - Happiness'

 Happiness Lullaby (play sample)

In this bedtime story, Lit’l Bobby falls asleep and is awakened by the character of the moon as she lights up the sky through his window. The moon grants Lit’l Bobby a wish. During the process of wishing, Lit’l Bobby learns that happiness is not about material possessions, rather it’s about what’s on the inside that REALLY matters.

The book conveys concepts of Buddha, Eckhart Tolle, and others, and Lit’l Bobby’s final wish will warm your heart and bring tears of happiness to your eyes.

Book w Pages and Spine

"What an incredible gift you have as a story-teller! I found myself with tears in my eyes and truly moved by the story and it's accompanying music and artworks. Truly spectacular!"

Sophie Everard, London, Journalist

'The Voice of the Moon - Happiness' Book

PREVIEW NOW with the Accompanying Lullaby

View a sample of 'The Voice of The Moon - Happiness' Book with music. Watch the first 15 pages of this 46 page endearing tale of a little boy wishing for everything he wants, only to find that he already has everything he needs...

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The Happiness Lullaby
(play sample)

 Happiness Lullaby

The lullaby is best described as soothing. It's beautifully paced to keep the imagination energetically alive yet still makes you want to close your eyes and drift off to sleep.

Written and performed by Bob Priest. Mixed by Juan Salvador.

This is one of two original recordings on an iPhone headphone/mic and laptop.


Happiness Tune Ballad
(play sample)

 The Happiness Tune Ballad

The Ballad is a mixture of Lit'l Bobby meets Andy Griffith and shares with people of all ages that "your worries and sadness will all drift away when you whistle the happiness tune every day". 

Written and performed by Bob Priest.

This is one of two original recordings on an iPhone headphone/mic and laptop.


Lit'l Bobby Boogie
(play sample)

 The Lit'l Bobby Boogie

This clever lit'l tune will have everybody doing 'The Lit'l Bobby Boogie'. And if you don't know how, then just listen to the words and learn along with the music.

Written by Bob Priest, performed and recorded by Jimmy Z, one of the foremost harmonica and sax players for artists ranging from Rod Stewart to Bonjovi.

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